Knockout Trivia’s new daily Zackpot

SFI News

So that there can be bigger payouts for Knockout Trivia, we’ve made it so there’s now one big daily Zackpot for every winner to share in.

Each Knockout Trivia match winner will receive one share of the daily Zackpot for free entry contests; or two shares of the Zackpot for standard contests; or four shares of the Zackpot for Big Dog contests.  All shares of the daily Zackpot will be awarded shortly after midnight each day.

You’ll also notice a few other changes, such as…

  1. A new, more fun background
  2. A new and improved “Double Down” feature which allows you to double the shares of the Zackpot you’ll receive if you win. Double down for just five TCredits.
  3. Runner-ups now win our new EZ Express tokens instead of TCredits.  Each Knockout Trivia match runner-up will receive two EZ Express tokens for free entry contests; or four EZ Express tokens for…

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